At ICS Concrete we believe your signage is the “welcome mat” to your community. We are committed to providing the highest quality craftsmanship and reliability to our customers. We know that a well-designed sign presents an image of quality and pride in your community.

ICS is a state-of-the-art interlocking concrete system.  This system is extremely sound structurally and can be set in a matter of hours, as no masonry work is required, resulting in dramatic savings.  And, with no mortar visible, the overall appearance of our signage reflects a visually crisp, clean and superbly crafted design.

ICS uses the same state-of- the art interlocking concrete system for our dramatic pillars. With the engineered and environmentally safe stone veneer we can create the perfect solution for a variety of exterior design needs. With the realistic look of stone the applications are endless.  They can be used as entryway focal points or used for mailboxes, lamp posts or as balustrades; anywhere you want to draw attention to their elegant beauty by creating harmony between your outdoor and indoor living spaces








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