All Pillars are available in: 26" and 34" widths

Pillars are available in any height within 4" increments

Please  contact us for additional width sizes


Interlock Concrete System prefabricated stone pillars are available in 28- and 36-inch widths and can be preassembled prior to shipment in 4-inch height increments. Custom acid washed caps in either buff or smoke interlock into both the top and bottom of the stone veneered blocks. Forklift cutouts in the base of the pillar allow for same day installation. In applications where it is not possible to use a forklift, the pillars can easily be assembled onsite without any equipment.

ICS also offers tapered pillars that are preassembled to a height of 54 inches. Tapered pillars have a width of 36 inches at the bottom of the pillar and decrease in width as you increase in height to a width of 28 inches at the top of the pillar. Each tapered pillar comes with a custom acid washed interlocking cap and base.

Wall Finishes



For pricing and specific product information please contact: rpincombe@icsconcrete.com




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