Company Overview

For pricing and specific product information please contact: rpincombe@icsconcrete.com



Interlock Concrete System was established in 2002 to manufacture and distribute an interlocking mortar-less block. The ICS technology was originally developed to fill a need for masonry construction in rural areas where skilled laborers were in short supply. The blocks are designed to interlock both vertically and horizontally resulting in a mortar-less unit.

In 2005, ICS developed and implemented a way to face the ICS block with a man-made stacked stone veneer that is available in multiple colors. In the manufacturing process, the stone is applied directly to the face of the ICS block with a specially formulated thin-set mortar to bind the stone to the block prior to shipment. The new design to the block has allowed ICS to expand the product line to offer prefabricated stone fire pits, courtyard walls, pillars, monuments and much more.

While the interlocking mortar-less block technology is still the core business of ICS, we are now able to provide our customers with a completed product that is both an efficient and cost effective way to handle all of their commercial and home beautification needs.


  7146 Main Street Kansas City ,MO 64114 Phone: 515-771-1002 rpincombe@icsconcrete.com 


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